4 Common Mistakes in Your Copywriting

Jackie L.

Copywriting is more than just choosing the right words to promote your goods; it’s also about connecting with your customers through your messaging. Your copy’s ability to provide grab the attention of your target audience will convince them to take action and become your loyal customers.  Copywriting is an art form and writing it convincingly can take a lot of trial and error.

To help you quickly write better copy, here are 4 common copywriting errors to avoid.

Writing too formally

It’s crucial to be authentic when writing and marketing copy to engage your audience. You are more likely to connect with your target market and have them purchase from you if you speak the language they use.

When you are more authentic in your writing, it’s easier to build trust and authority with your audience. The key is to get your audience to feel like they know you.  So, if you are unsure of how to add personality to your writing, consider how you would communicate to a friend or member of your family. Write as though you were speaking to someone familiar. Be authentic. Be sincere. The more authentic you are, the more successful your writing will be.

Trying Too Hard To Sell

No one likes to be outright sold to.  This is where writers should refrain from overselling their products and services in copywriting. If you come off as salesy, you run the risk of coming across as too pushy and alienating your potential customers. Instead of just trying to sell, sell, sell in your writing, strive to tell a story involving your product or service instead. Create enticing language so the reader would want to read more of your content.

Not Proofreading Your Content

If you are not proofreading your content, you are probably making one of the biggest copywriting mistakes that any writer could ever make. In fact, poor grammar or copy riddled with typos can increase your bounce rate by 85%. By proofreading, you can be sure that your writing is flawless and of the highest caliber. We advise having someone review your work because mistakes are always easier to spot from someone else’s point of view. You can also use AI websites, such as Grammarly or a similar tool to correct the grammar, spelling, or punctuation of your copy.

Using Industry Jargon

Many times, businesses who want to enhance the view of their product or service end up using industry language that their readers may not understand. In other words, they use a lot of jargon when discussing specific product functionalities or parts that only industry insiders will understand.  As a result, people who do not have a background in that field will not fully comprehend or understand the function of the product.

Don’t alienate your readers with this costly mistake. Write as if you are speaking to a five-year-old.  How would you describe the use of your product and services so they can understand?

Don’t let these common copywriting blunders stop you from building a customer base. Take these tips and apply them to your own copywriting!  As you adapt and test out your copywriting, you will find the winning formula that draws in your audience.

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