4 Areas to Automate in Your Business

Jackie L.


Over 45% of your business tasks can be automated.  That’s why you need to start automating every part of your business that can be automated.  Not only does automating your business save time, but it also saves you money and energy.  With automation, you can set things up and let them be done for you.  All you have to do is periodically check in to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Let’s look at 4 areas of your business you can start automating right now!

Social Media

Social media is one of the areas of your business you should be automating.  It’s also the easiest to set up!  There are many automation options for you to choose from; whether it’s free on Facebook or paid with automation websites like Later or Socialpilot.  You should be scheduling your content so that you don’t have to remember logging in at a certain several days a week to post content.  Plan all your content for the month, schedule, and forget about it!

Content Based on Leads

You can automate what content visitors see based on several data points, such as demographics, types of devices used, and language.  By setting up what content visitors see will keep them on your website longer, which will lead to them building a relationship with your business.  It will also help increase you search engine ranking so more people find your website.  

Email Campaigns

Email newsletter and campaigns are another common place to automate in your business.  Why go into your CRM every day to create emails for new customers or even for loyal ones?  You can create numerous automations that will be triggered to go out depending on what subscribers do.  Have one for those who sign up for a freebie, one for loyal customers, and even one that drips down to help encourage potential customers to purchase from you.

Live Chat Customer Service

You can even automate customer service!  If you don’t have it in the budget to hire in-house customer service, you can automate introductory messages and answers to commonly asked questions.  After taking the time to set up your automated live chat options, you will save time, money, and energy for other areas of your business that need your attention.

If you are not automating any parts of your business, you are wasting valuable time and money that can be used for other areas.  By automating at least these 4 areas will all you to grow your business more easily!

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