4 Amazing Ways You Can Use AI for Business

Jackie L.

You have probably heard about ChatGPT. Its use is becoming increasingly prevalent in the realms of content creation.  Over 60% of businesses said that AI has helped them become more productive. While the jury is still out for most businesses on whether they will utilize AI for their business or not, it’s a great tool that should be included in your customer experience strategy.

Here are 4 ways you can use AI without feeling like you are losing control over your content!

Get Clear with Behavioral Marketing

All businesses need to find their target audience.  Without a target audience, your overall marketing strategy will fall flat every single time.  AI can help you with behavior segmentation.  Behavior segmentation is a common marketing term where you put your target audience into groups to get extremely detailed with campaigns.  For example, women over 50, people who abandon their carts, or 20-30 year olds who want to use organic products.  AI can help you create campaigns that will help reach these specified targeted groups in your marketing campaigns.

Improve Engagement on Content

The key to great content is to get your customers to engage. AI has so much data, such as customer buying habits and website usage, that it can be a huge asset in the customer experience. Your customers will get a more personalized experience that will leave them feeling cared for, all because of AI.  When your customer service is stellar, with the help of AI, you will have more customer satisfaction, which means more sales.

Visual Recognition

AI is also a wonderful tool to help customers buy more. If you own an Ecommerce website, this will become a vital tool in encouraging customers to purchase more.  Websites with visual recognition, such as Pinterest and Canva, use customer website browsing histories to help give them a better search experience. Ecommerce websites can utilize this AI feature the same way to recommend products that are similar to your customers’ search histories or past purchases.

Integrating Voice Searches

Voice search is quickly becoming a highly vital tool in your marketing strategy.  Many customers use voice search apps like Google Assistant or Siri, to make purchases.  The way people search through text and voice is vastly different.  Thus, making this an aspect of SEO critical to your business’ success.  AI can help you with voice search with its ability to gather customer data and create a personalized experience, helping you show up more in these searches.

While using AI can be a bit scary at first, it can quickly become one of your favorite tools in SEO.  With its vast data banks of customer habits and behaviors, it can create the perfect experience that engages customers and increases sales.

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