4 Amazing Marketing Strategies for 2023

Jackie L.

The new year is upon us and that means it’s time to think about reviewing the past year.  We also want to look ahead to see what we can do to start the year off on a slamming start for business!  Many businesses are moving online and that means more marketing.  The one way to help it grow faster is with the right marketing strategy.

Let’s look at 3 amazing 2023 marketing strategies to add to your new year’s goals.

Start writing that blog

Blogging is one of the best content media to use in 2023.  Everyone still looks to blogs to get the information they need.  By adding a blog to your website, it can increase traffic by up to 55%!  If you are on the fence about blogging, 2023 is a great time to start.  You can end the year by building a blogging topic bank, so you have a pool of topics to dip into and have ready to post!  Make sure to also plan for time to write, edit, and schedule your content!

Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is king when it comes to learning about a business.  If you are still struggling with social media, now’s a good time to think about your plan of action for 2023.  Just as with blogging, take some time to plan your days for content creation, graphics, copywriting, and scheduling your posts.  Also include time to film videos and have live feeds.  The more you are on social media, the faster you will be found.  Think of social media as your business card for everyone to find out about your products or services.

Start building that Email List

Last year saw 3 major social media platforms go down.  That’s why using social media to grow your email list is so important to include in your 2023 marketing strategy.  There are many ways to organically grow your email list, such as offering a freebie, special discounts, or promotions.  Whenever you ask for your followers’ email addresses, always provide a freebie as a thank you for the information exchange.  This is also a great place to automate welcome emails and other email newsletters so you can create all of your emails and set them to go out on a schedule or when triggered by an action.

Take Care of Those Negative Reviews

Never ever ignore negative reviews.  This is a huge opportunity for you to change their minds with helpful and polite customer service!  If you have been ignoring these, now’s a great time to start working on making those positive reviews.  Great customer service can make or break a business, so take time to respond to all reviews in a timely manner.  Go above and beyond, and those customers will become loyal patrons!

A revamped 2023 marketing strategy is a great way to start new practices to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.  Taking the time to review and plan in the final weeks of 2022 will help you easily grow your business.

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