3 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

Jackie L.


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for business.  Almost 35% of potential customers check out a company’s social media before purchasing. There’s a variety of ways that you can create unique content that gets your Instagram followers engaged.  Social media is so important to driving traffic to your website and cultivating trust with your target audience.

However, sometimes our followers may not be as many as we hoped to have.  Our content reach may decrease and we’ll see fewer people following our account.  We want to gain followers organically, which is the best way the algorithm will put our accounts in front of more faces.  We highly recommend against buying followers.  The algorithms will always see this and it could do more harm than good.  Plus, those paid followers aren’t going to purchase from you.

If you are looking to grow your audience organically, take a look at these 3 tips!

Put Out Content with Value

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again!  If your content does not have some value, it will hear crickets.  Your current and potential followers want to get some sort of information from you that can help them.  While creating valuable content may take some more time and energy, it is definitely worth it in the end.  You can easily grow your organic reach faster by producing meaningful, unique, and value-packed content, whether it’s a video, blog, or graphic.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Depending on the platform, your number of hashtags will vary.  On Instagram, use up to the allotted amount, which is 30.  Has this been stated as looking too spammy?  Yes, but not if you add the hashtags to your first comment.  Adding them to your first comment gives you more room to write meaningful copy in the description below an image.  Also, it makes everything look cleaner.  

Refrain from using generalized hashtags with millions of hits or those that have no connection to what you are posting.  If you do, your content is guaranteed to be a drop in a vast ocean of content.  Instead, mix up the hashtags with some generalized, and mostly middle to lower hits. For example, don’t use #millennial, try #millennialsdoitbetter.  Also, get localized with your hashtags.  The more detailed you get with your hashtags, the more organic growth you will see.  

Make Your Content Shareable

Having valuable content is great, but what’s even better is having content that others want to share.  When your content is shared, it will get in front of more people’s eyes.  This will encourage people to come to your account and follow you.  That’s why it’s so important to create content that benefits your audience and encourages organic reach and growth.

With these 3 tips, you can organically grow instagram followers!  Having more followers means our message is getting out there, and they see that we have the solutions to their problems.  Become an authority in your industry and build long lasting customer relationships with meaningful, impactful content on Instagram.

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