3 Tips to Build Trust in Your E-commerce Store

Jackie L.


E-commerce stores is booming right now.  The last year has shown people that shopping online is not only easy but incredibly convenient.  For this year, we can expect to see over 2 billion shoppers online.  Can you imagine the possibilities with marketing to them??  With the ease of shopping online comes risks of more situations with customers’ information being compromised.  Unfortunately, over 40% of cyber attacks are primarily focused on smaller businesses.  That's why it's so important to let your customers, and potential customers, know you take protecting their information with the utmost care.  A business' success depends on the trust cultivate in their e-commerce store

Prove You Are the Real Deal

Most online consumers want to know the e-commerce store they are looking to purchase from is legit.  All too often, customers get jilted by purchasing from a company that is a scam.  This can be taking their money with no product, or worse, stealing their data.

How can you prove you are actually a company that exists? Use certified trust marks like PayPal, BBB certification, and McAfee protected certification.  These certifications prove you are a trustworthy company to do business with and their information will be safe.  This also shows that their purchase is protected, so if they have a problem, they get their money back.

Post Original Content

Posting original content levels up the trust a potential customer will have with your company.  This can be blogs, videos, or original images. Try content like product videos that show your customers and visitors who to use it.  Personalize your email newsletters that give added value to your subscribers.  Videos of behind the scenes of your company and employees (even if it’s just you) is fun and shows the atmosphere you cultivate.

Remember, you don't need expensive equipment to take amazing videos and photos.  All you need is natural light or a ring light, tripod, and your smartphone!

Make Returns Easy

Customers want to know if they can return your product or service if they are not satisfied.  Making sure the return process is easy and hassle-free is paramount to building trust in your business.  The harder you make it, the less likely they are to purchase from you from the start.  Outline exactly what they can expect in your Shipping & Returns conditions.

Online clearly how returns work.  Are they free after a certain amount of time?  Do you provide a shipping label?  The easier you make it, the more likely they will purchase with confidence.

Building trust and confidence in your E-commerce store helps you increase profits and become an authority in your industry.  Once you have your customers' trust, selling to them is as easy as 1-2-3!

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