3 Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

Jackie L.


Inbound marketing is getting customers to your website or blog with valuable, engaging content.  Over 75% of marketers are using inbound marketing to meet their sales goals.  If you don’t have content that customers will find their answers to, then your inbound marketing game needs some work.  That is why knowing your target audience is the first step to creating content that attracts them, builds a relationship with them, and finally, gets them to make a purchase.

If you are looking to change up or make your inbound marketing strategy better, check out these 3 great tips!

Start with Content that Sells

We don’t mean write a sales blog and push purchasing down their throats.  Most consumers don’t want to be marketed to, but with inbound marketing, you can sell to them without them even knowing it.  Start with your blog.  If you don’t have any content or sporadic content, start setting a schedule for posting.  Create a topics bank of things that your audience wants to read about.  Then start writing one blog post a month. 

Are you on social media?  How is your content there?  While making sales is possible with social media, use it more like a billboard for who you are as a company, and give your audience tidbits.  If they love these nuggets you give them through your social media channels, they will want to sign up for your email newsletter or visit your website.

Think of content like this, social media is your way to get noticed.  Once you are noticed, you give better and better information as consumers go to your blog, or joining an email list.  At last, they get the best, which is the product or service they pay for.

Capture Your Leads

Once you have people interested, you need a way to get their data, which is name, email, and/or phone number.  The first thing you do is create a landing page, which is like a single page website.  There are no navigation bars, or links to other areas of a website.  This page is all about gathering their information in exchange for something you give them.

What are you giving them?  It can be a coupon code, freebies, more detailed information, access to webinars, and so on.  Think about what you can give your audience in exchange for their information.  Make it worth their while!

Make sure to add that enticing, brightly colored Call-to-Action button so they know what to do!

Craft the Perfect Newsletter

Once you have their information, you can now work on your email newsletter.  Make sure to follow through with valuable information here.  Make sure this information isn’t available on another channel.  We want customers to feel they are getting the information firsthand and they are dedicated enough to sign up for it.  A great newsletter can be full of information, a little bit of sales, or something fun.  Also, as we’ve said before, your content will never be hijacked like it can be on social media so you have full control over how long readers see the information.

These are the 3 best tips to start out on a successful inbound marketing campaign.  Start large with social media, grab those leads and you can finally start the process of turning a potential customer into a loyal one!

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