3 of the Best Ways to Build Customer Relationships

Jackie L.

For any type of business, fostering long-term customer relationships is the key to success.  You will save a lot more money if you build those relationships with current customers than working to find new customers.  But, some business owners completely miss out on building these customer relationships.  It ends up wasting time, money, and precious energy!  Up to 85% of companies that put in the work to foster customer relationships increase their profits!

If you are looking to foster better, longer customer relationships, here are 3 of the best ways to do so!

Write to Your Target Audience

The worst thing you can do is talk a bunch of jargon in your website copy.  This is the fastest way to end the opportunity to foster customer relationships.  Your customer most likely doesn’t know anything about your industry.  That’s why you need to write in the language they understand. When you write your website copy, think about how you can make the language as simple as possible.  

Ask the question “How would I write this so a 5-year-old can understand?”

Write Like You Talk

Customers want to feel a connection to the businesses they purchase from.  They don’t want corporate talk from you.  That’s why it is important to write like you talk.  Instead of trying to impress others in your niche, look to make that connection with your customers.  They are the ones that are going to give you their money.  When you write like you talk, you come across as more authentic.  This will help customers feel more connected and buy more from you.

Give Customers the Solutions They Want

When a customer comes to your website, they are looking for a solution to their problem.  If you don’t write that out as plain as day, they will leave your website.  When you provide customers with consistent answers to their troubles, they will keep coming back to you.  This is an important part of writing content that sells and generates leads for your business.  Be the answer they want!  Even if they don’t even know it when they find you.

When you know how to foster those customer relationships, you will build a strong, large customer base that continually purchases from you. It saves you time, money and energy when you build long-term customer relationships by being your authentic and transparent self!

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