3 Mistakes to Avoid with Social Media

Jackie L.


Social media is a giant of a presence online.  To do well in business, we need to be on those platforms.  However, it is easy to make social media mistakes when using it. It’s not used the same way as a personal account.  Knowing where social media can help us as businesses can go a long way in being a profitable tool.

Let’s take a look at 3 mistakes we may encounter with business social media.

Fact or Fiction: Social media is free.

Fiction!  Why?  We don’t have to pay to use social media.  However, social media costs us something even greater than money.  Time.

Remember, there are always costs.  It could be monetary, our time, energy, or creative power.  Social media takes a lot of our time to create content, interact with customers or followers, and to always be relevant and present.  This is an area companies find they spend the most time in. 

Never fear, for there are ways to save time when it comes to social media.  It’s very easy to save time when it comes to content.  Plan your content ahead of time. Take a few days to create the majority of that content.  Get a social media scheduler like Buffer or Later to post for you.  Always have your content idea bank full with ideas for the next round!  Also, don’t be afraid to repurpose older content.

Fact or Fiction:  Social media is only for announcements

Fiction!  Why?  Social media is a good place to make real time announcements that followers will see instantly.  However, this is where we forget the very important word of “social” in social media.  Whether you have a personal or business account, it is paramount that we are interacting with our followers.  

How can we be more interactive and engaged with our followers?  Respond to both positive, and especially, negative reviews. Start a conversation and make sure to join in as your followers comment.  Share feedback from your customers.  Ask questions, conduct a poll, or share an insider look into you and the company.  There are so many ways to engage and be social on social media.

Fact or Fiction:  Social media is a great place to find new customers

Fiction!  Why?  If you are looking to only gain new customers from social media, you will be spending a lot of time doing so.  Costs can be up to 5 times more to gain a new customer than to market to a repeat one.  Social media is best utilized when you are reaching the people that already know who you are.  As you interact and direct your repeat customers to your social media, new customers will slowly follow.  So, be sure to make content that is geared towards your loyal customers, and some that may interest potential customers passing by.

As you can see, these social media mistakes in the business realm is an easy fix.  Knowing who you are marketing to, having a plan for content, and being social is enough to give you great success with your social media platforms.

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