3 Effortless Tips to be Successful on LinkedIn

Jackie L.

LinkedIn is a very popular and effective Social Media network for business owners.  It’s a great networking app if you are looking to build your professional network. LinkedIn has become one of the most important professional networking sites, and it's essential to ensure that your profile is up-to-date and optimized for success. 

Here are three easy tips to help you be successful on LinkedIn!

1. Craft an Engaging Profile

Your profile is the first thing potential employers, recruiters, and colleagues will see, so make sure it’s up-to-date, professional, and engaging to be successful on LinkedIn. Start by filling out all the sections of your profile, including your professional summary, work experience, education, and skills. Make sure to include relevant keywords to help you show up in searches. You can also add a professional headshot, as well as any other media such as videos, presentations, or articles that you would like to share.

To make your profile more engaging, prepare a compelling summary of what you do for your profile. ​Your summary is an opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why people should network with you. It should be concise, yet informative, and highlight your top strengths and experiences. Try to make your summary stand out by using keywords and phrases that are relevant to your industry, as well as highlighting any awards or certifications you may have.

2. Build Your Network

Building a strong network is the key to being successful on LinkedIn. Start by connecting with people in your current professional network. This includes colleagues and former employers, as well as people you may have met at industry events and conferences. Connecting with these people will help you build a more visible professional presence on LinkedIn. You should also look to build relationships with other professionals in your industry and beyond. You can do this by joining relevant LinkedIn Groups, engaging with content posted by industry experts, and interacting in conversations with other professionals.

3. Share Regular Content

Like any other social media platform, you need content to be successful on LinkedIn.  This is another great way to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. You can share industry news and insights, comment on posts from other people in your network, and create your own original content. You can also join weekly or monthly challenges, such as #MondayMotivation or #FridayFavorites, which will help you stay active and engaged.

When sharing content on LinkedIn, it’s important to use hashtags to increase visibility. Hashtags are a great way to ensure your content is seen by more people and reaches more potential followers. You can use relevant hashtags to ensure that your content is seen by people who are interested in the topics you’re discussing.  LinkedIn has 15 times more content impressions than with a regular job posting. It’s more than just about recruitment, but is a way to educate and inspire your network!

Following these three effortless tips can set yourself up for success on LinkedIn and start building your professional network. Keep your profile updated, connect with the right people, and share regular content, and you’ll be finding clients quickly!

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