3 Dos and Donts of Social Media Managing

Jackie L.


As a blossoming business, you are probably using social media, especially now.  Social media is the gateway to people finding your brand and learning what you are about.  You need to decide your strategy, content, and how you will measure success with social media.  

Whether you are new to social media or a veteran at it, there are still possibilities for mistakes, which can throw off your metrics and have you feeling less than stellar about the results.  We’re going to talk about some Don’ts and how you can turn them into Do’s.

#1 – Don’t Forget About It!

You may think you won’t forget about it but if you don’t have a strategy or plan in place, it’s really easy to have social media fall by the wayside.  If you are new to social media, it can be a rush when you first start out, but that honeymoon period quickly fades when you need to be consistent with your content.

Do this Instead: Get a plan in place.  Decide your posting schedule.  We suggest posting however many times is doable for you.  If that means posting every Monday at 12pm, then stick to that.  You want your followers to know when to expect content from you.

#2 – Don’t Ask for Follows or Likes!

This is the most important DON’T you should never do.  While it may seem fine to DM someone to like or follow you, this will not work.  It’s seen as needy or desperate.  Want to know how you get more followers and engagement?

Do this instead: Create content with high value.  The more valuable content you put out, the more people are willing to follow you.  And, you don’t even have to ask them!  Of course you can ask people in your content to follow you for tips or start a conversation, but don’t slid into DMs asking people to follow you blindly.  

#3 – Don’t Focus on Only Promotions

Around 45% of followers will unfollow you if there are too many ads.  If you are only promoting sales and other like-minded content, it will only decrease your followers.  People are not following you to only be bombarded with “BUY ME!” posts.  There is no value in these types of posts.

Do this instead: Make promotional content only 20% of your total posts.  You should be giving your followers valuable information that will help them.  Of course, your product or service can help them, but there are much more valuable content ideas that will show them that they can trust you and your business and make you an authority in the industry.

If you can plan your strategy, get a content posting schedule, and provide value to your followers, you are sure to be successful with social media without a bunch of mistakes.

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