3 Copywriting SEO Tips for Beginners

Jackie L.


Did you know that your copywriting on your website may be lowering your rank on Google searches? That’s why it’s so important to make sure your website copy is optimized to help you rank high on search engines searches and drive traffic to your valuable content.

If you are seeing less than stellar traffic numbers, you may want double check you are not making these common mistakes.

Optimize Your Headlines

Headlines are the place to grab someone’s attention.  Around 8 out of 10 people will read your headline and make the decision to click through or not. If you aren’t utilizing your chosen keywords, you are missing out on driving potential customers to your website.  Your headline should use one or two of your chosen keywords that your target audience usually uses.  You also want to tap into the emotional side with a sense of urgency.  

Look at this example: “How to Design Websites”  on a headline checker, the SEO score is extremely low, somewhere around 44.  If I change it to “3 Tricks to Designing Unique Websites”, my SEO score goes up by 30 points.

Cover the Topic with Enough Details

When writing your copy, make sure it isn’t too short, and not too long.  You want to follow through on your promise in the headline that they are going to get 3 tricks to designing unique websites!  List the tricks and then go into a bit of detail about how to implement each one.  The more value you pack into your copy, the more likely people will come back for more, plus share it on their social media.  We definitely want your content shared as much as possible!

Connect with Your Reader

Avoid copywriting that is speaking to you.  You are not your customer.  Hopefully, you developed a customer persona.  This will be extremely helpful in knowing how you will write to them because you know what they like or don’t like, their dreams, hobbies, and problems they need answers to.  If you don’t put the reader in mind when you write, you will lose them.  Write as if you are talking to them, in a language that fits the persona.  The more you center on the reader, the more likely they are to find your website, and keep coming back.

Copywriting is not just an art, but it is a science.  It’s not a talent we are born with.  It takes practice, trial-and-error, and lots of adapting to find the right formula that speaks to the visitors to your website or blog.

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